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J O B • D O C U M E N T A T I O N

UMGHR's Job Documentation Process

    The results of our earlier Job Analysis procedure, will be utilize in documenting the elements of the jobs. When documenting jobs we ensure that the resulting job description documentation is legally defensible, comprehensive, and easy to understand.

    We ensure that critical elements such as ADA requirements, as well as the FLSA classification are included in the document.

    UMGHR bases its format for job descriptions on the industry best practices depending on our clients' industry of association. Our Job Description format includes the following critical elements.

    • Job Title and Department
    • Job Grade, Job Classification, Salary Code, Salary Range
    • FLSA Status
    • Direct Report’s Job Title(s)
    • Supervisor’s Job Title
    • Number of Direct Report(s)
    • Purpose of the Job
    • Distinguishing Characteristics
    • Predominant Duty
    • Essential Duties
    • Work Environment (Essential Functions Related)
    • Physical Demands (Essential Functions Related) Hearing, Speaking, Seeing, Reading, Mental Acuity, Alertness, Manual and Physical Dexterity)
    • Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Education, Experience)
    • Date Issued and Approved
    • Date Revised