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M A R K E T • P R I C I N G

market pricing

Sources of Data

For clients who prefer a straight market pricing strategy for their compensation study, UMGHR utilizes 4 data sources. We use Mercer, Towers Watson, CUPA, and ERI data. The utilization of market data is UMGHR's predominant method when it comes to developing a structure for market pricing comparisons, whereas the point factor method is used for internal comparisons and for matching benchmark positions with market positions when we conduct primary research (or direct survey) within the confirmed labor market

Market Rate Composite

As part of the report and analysis we provide market rate composite in addition to other statistical analysis. The composite include, among others:

  • Industry
  • Number of Organization Participants
  • Number of Incumbents in the Study
  • Average Salaries in Centiles
  • Job Titles
  • Summary of Job Descriptions compared