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    Holds 25+ years of strategic and operational expertise across the full spectrum of human resources. Dan has worked with organizations at various life cycle stages, including Fortune 100/500/1000 companies, public agancies, and higher education institutions. Dan is one of the partners at UM Global HR LP.

    Dr. Daniel Ulibarri obtained his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Statistics from UC Berkeley, Masters degree in Cognitive Psychology and Measurement from U.C. Berkeley, and B.A. Degree in Mathematics from San Diego State University. Dan is also the author of a true story about land rights and land theft in old New Mexico. The book is “Devil’s Hatband” or "Centillo Del Diablo" (Spanish term for barbed wire).

Daniel Ulibarri, PhD, SPHR, President & CEO


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Our Qualified Consultants Are:

  • Highly Experienced (30+ Years)
  • Certified SPHR, CCP, & Quality Auditors
  • Advanced Degree Holders

UMGHR Strategic Approach To Projects Includes...

  • Project Delivery System
  • Financial Impact Analysis
  • Training and Documentation for Program Sustainability
One of the strengths that we bring to our clients' projects is our technique in research. We mobilize our resources and vast networks to gather data at rapid fashion, utilize our business intelligence database, perform data analysis and data validation using statisticians' eye for details.

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