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P E R S O N • B A S E D

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Considerations For Utilzing A Person-Based Strategy

A Person-Based Compensation strategy focuses on paying for qualifications and specialized skills and nothing else. This approach puts a premium on advanced and unique skills, and advanced education particularly in the STEM category regardless of experience. This strategy is common in organizations that require highly specialized skills. These skills are either learned within the organization itself through rigorous training prorams, or in Universities under specialized disciplines. Examples of these cases include:

  • Organizations in National Sports, Research, Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Technology, Life Sciences and Engineering
  • Professions in Nuclear Physics, Bio-Technology, and Life Sciences

In these cases, uniformed compensation structures will not work because of the uniqueness of the jobs and uniqueness of business needs. It is therefore necessary to design the compensation structure differently from the rest of the workforce groups.

Necessary Steps In Developing Person-Based Compensation Strategy

  • Define Business Needs
  • Define Regulatory Needs
  • Strengthen Employer Branding
  • Set Pay Above the Market
  • Integrate the Market Rate with a Separate Internal Structure
  • Maintain Market Competitiveness by Annual Market Study